Our Values

Integrity. The Tiwahe Foundation holds itself to the highest ethical standards, acting with transparency and accountability in all its operations.

Respect and Honor. The Tiwahe Foundation respects individuals and families and honors the leadership, traditions and culture of American Indian communities.

Trust. The Tiwahe Foundation is a trusted partner, having established credibility by knowing and understanding the strengths, needs and effective solutions within the cultural context of the communities it serves.

Kinship. The Tiwahe Foundation values the relationships among extended families, tribal nations and communities.

Circle of Giving. The Tiwahe Foundation cherishes the timeless American Indian value of communal generosity and reciprocity, embodied in the honor and humility of both giving and receiving, and seeks to instill these values in future generations.

Indigenous World View. The Tiwahe Foundation understands, honors and practices American Indian sovereignty that leads to a vibrant and self-sustaining community through valued traditions, spirituality, language and connection to earth.

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